With the Covid-19 pandemic that started in China, the World Health Organization was declared a pandemic on March 11, all the countries of the world started taking their precautions. These measures were movements that restrict human movements and economic activities. It was faced with the slowdown of the works at the construction sites, the delay of the investments planned to be made and the suspension of the rental contracts. On the other hand, we have to work in some way to retain the existing staff and pay the salaries. With the support packages put into practice by the government, the process will be tried to be overcome with little damage.

The Government of the Republic of Turkey has started to take measures pandemic since it was first introduced. All hospitals and healthcare institutions provide their services to patients without any problems in the covid19 pandemic. All necessary health materials related to pandemic are provided without any problem. Even the Republic of Turkey has made in more than 40 countries to help in this health care products. Many private sectors have stopped their existing manufacturing and started to produce the needs of the health sector. The distribution of masks is done free of charge by the government.

The Government of the Republic of Turkey, for the sectors affected by the pandemic; deferred tax payments and insurance payments. In addition, vehicle entrances and exits are temporarily prohibited for 31 metropolitan cities. However, there are entries and exits with special permission.

Curfew has been imposed for under 20s and over 60s. In addition, the public was asked not to leave the house unless it is compulsory. Work from home has been launched in the public and private sectors.

Intercity transportation by seaway has been stopped. Restrictions are imposed on airline domestic flights.

The firms are banned from firing their staff for 3 months. Again, short-time working allowance support has been provided for the employees for whom they have taken leave for free.

Ease of on-site customs clearance has been introduced in exports and imports. In this way, transactions can be made without document and human contact.

The entire education system has switched to distance education in this process. All students continue their education uninterruptedly from their homes either via computer, television or tablet.

The Government of the Republic of Turkey, in a dynamic way by collecting all the demands of the sector, will continue to implement the package of economic measures.

MEWP sector was also affected by the recession. The slowdown in economic activities had a direct impact on the sector. Works continue in the current ongoing projects. There will be rents in the construction works to be done about the pandemic. In addition, it is mandatory by law for the use of the platform in Turkey, rentals would be slight.